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Virtual Branch

Virtual Branch is our home banking access. Virtual Branch users can access their eligible accounts from a mobile phone using mobile banking. You can check account balances and review recent account activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Texting for balances and history is also supported by Mobile Banking. (Mobile banking is initially setup from within Virtual Branch) To login to Virtual Branch, enter your ID in the login box located within this website's header, and click "Login."

Online Statements

Want your statement immediately at month end? You can with Statement Express (Statement Express is accessible from within Virtual Branch).

Debit/ATM Cards

Debit and ATM cards are designed to give members convenient electronic access to their account.

Credit Cards

Low Rates for Visa® Secured, Visa® Classic, Visa® Gold, and MasterCard.


Not only do we have ATM's at the Pineville and Coliseum branches, but also SURCHARGE FREE ATM's throughout LOUISIANA, ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, INDIANA, KENTUCKY, MARYLAND, MISSISSIPPI, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, and TEXAS with our partnership of Dolphin ATM Alliance. Local ATM's include Murphy Oil gas stations at the Coliseum Blvd and Pineville Wal-marts, plus Alexandria Mall.

Visa® Gift Cards

Visa® Gift Cards are good at millions of places - including retail, online, phone and mail orders - anywhere Visa® is accepted.


Savings, Loan, and Mortgage Calculators

Direct Deposit

Enables you to have your entire paycheck, social security check, or other government check automatically deposited to your credit union account on payday.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction is a convenient way to make savings deposits or loan payments by designating a portion of your paycheck to be sent directly to your credit union.

Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments allows you to make loan payments from savings or checking account at the credit union on payment due date.

Money Orders

A Travelers Express money order can be purchased with cash as a form of payment for bills or to purchase goods.

Wire Transfer

We offer incoming and outgoing wire transfers to and from other financial institutions and Western Union.

Car Cost Guide (NADA)

The official used car guide for pricing of vehicles. You can obtain retail, trade, and loan values. Even on late model vehicles.

eZCard info

Get realtime account information such as your available credit, recent transactions, and payment information, set alerts, or view current and past statements. eZCardInfo Customer Service can be reached at 1-866-604-0380. Login to

Notary Services

We offer free Notary services to all of our members.

Check Re-order

If you currently order your personal checking account checks through the Credit Union, please call a MSR(Member Service Representative) when it is time to replenish your supply. The MSR will update your information that appears on the checks and place your new order with Legacy Checks. The checks you currently have are still good and may still be used, but when your supply gets low, please call us at 318-445-7388 and ask to reorder checks with a MSR.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are offered in 4 different sizes (inches): 3x5, 3x10, 5x10, 10x10.

Verified by Visa®

Verified by Visa® is the easy new way to enjoy added security for all your online Visa® card purchases.